Compiler Design

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An introduction to the theory of programming language processors focusing on lexical analysis, syntax analysis, and compile-time mechanics, including code generation and optimization, execution of interpretive representations, and management of data structures.


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This course explores the principles, algorithms, and data structures involved in the design and construction of compilers.The course will introduce the theory and tools that can be standarly employed in order to perform syntax-directed translation of a high-level programming language into an executable code.

Topics for this course

56 Lessons50h

Introduction to Compiler

Compiler Design Course Overview25:39
Introduction to Compiler Design , Hindi Language Processing System13:15
Phases and Passes00:17:53
Compiler Phases00:24:27
Single pass compiler, Two pass Compiler00:15:33
Finite state machines and regular expressions00:18:21
Mcnaughton Yamada Thompson Algorithm, NFA to DFA Subset Construction Method00:22:52
Optimization of DFA Based Pattern Matchers00:25:17
Formal grammars and their application to syntax analysis00:13:51
Chomsky hierarchy00:11:06
Lex And YACC00:13:17
Context free grammars, derivation and parse trees, capabilities of CFG00:27:06

Basic Parsing Techniques

Syntax-directed Translation

Symbol Tables

Code Generation

Important Questions


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