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Then the course will cover Network Security & Web Security, in which you will learn about Security Issues in TCP/IP, which includes TCP, DNS, Routing (Topics such as basic problems of security in TCP/IP, IPsec, BGP Security, DNS Cache poisoning etc), Network Defense tools such as Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Filtering


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This course covers the fundamental concepts of Cyber Security and Cyber Defense. The course will cover the Software and System Security, in which, you will learn about control hijacking attacks, which includes buffer overflow, integer overflow, bypassing browser and memory protection. Then you will get some knowledge of what is Sandboxing and Isolation, what are the tools and techniques for writing robust application software. Then you will learn about what are the security vulnerability detection tools, and techniques which include program analysis (static, concolic and dynamic analysis). After that, you will know about privilege, access control, Operating System Security, Exploitation techniques, and Fuzzing.

What Will I Learn?

  • Discover software bugs that pose cyber security threats, explain and recreate exploits of such bugs in realizing a cyber attack on such software, and explain how to fix the bugs to mitigate such threats
  • Discover cyber attack scenarios to web browsers, and web servers, explain various possible exploits, recreate cyber attacks on browsers, and servers with existing bugs, and explain how to mitigate such threats.

Topics for this course

34 Lessons15h


Introduction to Information Systems17:09
Component of information system8:49
Types of Information Systems10:01
Development of Information Systems12:46
Development of Information System Part-210:02
Threat to Information System14:56
Information Assurance10:40
Security Risk Analysis13:08

Application Security

Developing Secure Information Systems

Security Policies

Evolving Technology Security

Information Security Standards

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good I like it.teacher is good.
do i get certificate?

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