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After that, you will learn about the basics of programming which includes the structure of a C program, how to write and execute a C program. In addition to this, you will learn about the various types of errors such as logical errors and syntax errors. You will also learn about the components of the C language, variables, data types, memory locations, and storage classes. Then you will learn about arithmetic operators and their precedence, if-else, switch-case statements, for loop, while and do-while loops, break and continue statements. You will also learn about functions, arrays, basic searching and sorting algorithms in detail. The course will conclude with detailed coverage of pointers and file operations in C.


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n this course, you will learn about the components of a computer which includes Memory, processor, input and output devices along with storage and operating system. You will also understand the concept of assembler, compiler, interpreter, loader, and linker. Then you will be introduced to algorithms and flowcharts which includes representation of an algorithm, flowchart, along with the concept of pseudocode and its examples, converting algorithms to programs and writing source code.

What Will I Learn?

  • After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Develop simple algorithms for arithmetic and logical problems.
  • Translate the algorithms to programs in C language and execute them.
  • Implement conditional branching, iteration, and recursion.
  • Decompose a problem into functions and synthesize a complete program using the divide and conquer approach.
  • Use arrays, pointers, and structures to develop algorithms and programs.
  • Boost your hireability through innovative and independent learning.
  • Get a certificate on successful completion of the course.

Topics for this course

73 Lessons50h

Introduction to Programming

Introduction to components of a computer system11:01
History of Computer,Computer Generation11:08
Components of Computer,Block Diagram of Digital Computer19:20
Operating System, Functions of Operating System11:08
Concept of Assembler, Compiler, Interpreter, Loader and Linker14:12
Difference between Compiler & Interpreter12:54
Idea of Algorithm16:45
Algorithm and Flow Chart Example Part-110:32
Pseudo Code With Example10:02

C Programming Basics

Number System

Arithmetic expressions & Conditional Branching

Loops & Functions

Arrays & Basic Algorithms

Pointer & File Handling


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Target Audience

  • The course can be taken by:
  • Students: Students: All students who are pursuing any technical/professional courses, and wish to enter application programming industry.
  • Teachers/Faculties: All computer science and engineering teachers/faculties.
  • Professionals: All working professionals from the IT industry.
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