Theory of Automata and Formal Language(TAFL)


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Introduction to finite automata, regular expressions and languages; push‐down
automata and context‐free languages; selected advanced language theoretical topics; emphasis on technique.This course provides an introduction to the theory of computation, including formal languages, grammars, automata theory, computability, and complexity.

What Will I Learn?

  • 1.Students would be able to explain basic concepts in formal language theory,
  • grammars, automata theory, computability theory, and complexity theory.
  • 2.The student will be able to demonstrate abstract models of computing, including deterministic (DFA), non-deterministic (NFA), Push Down Automata(PDA) and
  • Turing (TM) machine models and their power to recognize the languages.
  • 3 .The student will be able to explain the application of machine models and
  • descriptors to compiler theory and parsing.
  • 4. Students will be able to relate practical problems to languages, automata,
  • computability, and complexity.
  • 5. Students will demonstrate an increased level of mathematical sophistication.

Topics for this course

8 Lessons40h


Introduction to Automata15:37
Alphabets, Strings and Languages00:25:22
Automata and Grammars00:10:25
Introduction to grammar, BNF Notation14:21
Chomsky Classification11:06
Deterministic finite Automata (DFA)00:18:37

Regular expression (RE)

FA with output

Context free grammar (CFG) and Context Free Languages (CFL)

Push Down Automata (PDA)

Turing machines (TM)


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